After Sales

For STEQ, the relationship with the customer does not end with the delivery of the equipment. Created to ensure that our equipment operates continuously and in accordance with specifications, STEQ is concerned with offering an exclusive and differentiated service, which is why it has a Customer Care department, dedicated to meeting customer needs in a personalized way.

With experience and professionalism, the STEQ team of specialists is always ready to answer any request.

Constantly investing in training and international certifications, STEQ delivers complete solutions to its customers, adding knowledge and ensuring the quality and smooth operation of its equipment.

• Support with an expert technician
• Technical consultancy with specialized engineering
• Comissioning / equipment start up
• Turn key equipment installation
• Complete service planning
• Preventive and corrective maintenance
• Tracked instrument calibration

• Installation and operation qualification
• Maintenance contracts
• In-company training of operators and technicians
• Spare parts management and supply
• Assistance for equipment readjustment
• Retrofit / Equipament modernization 



Our equipment employs the highest quality, and when it comes to serving the customer, this standard could not be different. For this reason, STEQ’s Authorized Technical Assistance structure was created to be the solution for an agile and higher quality service.

STEQ’s Authorized companies have a high level of technical training in the entire line of equipment and in our customers’ operating processes, in addition to being trained and certified by our partners.

They have full support from STEQ to perform all preventive and corrective maintenance routines, maintenance contracts and the supply of spare parts for our main customers.

STEQ Authorized Companies: Geists and IRW Automação


The Quality Management System (QMS) implemented at STEQ, values the excellence of our processes, ensuring that the services provided operate, constantly, in a standardized and traceable manner.

In accordance with NBR ISO 9001: 2015, our QMS ensures the implementation and continuous maintenance of the requirements of good practices, always aiming to improve our service. The effectiveness of our processes is often assessed through self-inspections and quality audit professionals. For us, it is essential that the customer feels confident that STEQ operates with quality and solidity.

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