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STEQ is focused on addressing the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Veterinary, Chemical, Food and Biotechnology Industries, R&D Laboratories and Vivariums.

With extensive experience in Brazilian market, STEQ offers reliability and commitment through innovative solutions, which characterize it as a company that embraces each project as unique.

Blending technology of its equipment to the technical expertise of our teams, we prioritize customer needs and adopt management practices that lead, effectively, the expected results. Moreover, STEQ has a team of internationally certified technical support that is always ready to meet any request.


Identify needs and provide innovative solutions for the satisfaction of our customers. Better serve and increase profitability with initiative, ethics, quality and dedication.


The success story of STEQ is directly linked to its founder Luis Boaventura. Two years before creating STEQ, he commanded the Getinge office in Brazil. Working wth initiative and integrity, he was constantly consulted by clients on other equipment. Not long before the need arose to add other equipment to the portfolio.

Despite the undeniable importance of the Getinge had (and still has), the creation of an independent company became inevitable. In September of 2001, on a commercial room of 30m2, and only one employee, STEQ was born.

The Steq born inheriting a respectable client portfolio, wich included names such as the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Pfizer, Bayer, GSK, among others. The goal has always been to maintain and, above all, to expand the relationship with these customers.

Moreover, to expand this portfolio with the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry has always been a great desire and certainly a challenge! Created the embryo was then organizational STEQ: a sales structure strengthened by a professional support to post-sale.

Always in search of excellence, gathering professionals STEQ sought to bring new ideas and possessing motivation to implement them.

Throughout these years, STEQ was recognized by the pharmaceutical market for its commitment to the customer and had, therefore, desired to be passed by the world’s leading brands of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers.

Betting on the technology of its equipment, the expertise of its partners and participatory spirit of his team, STEQ continues strog in the offensive phase of growth.